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EDC Electrophoresis

EDC developes, produces and sells horizontal gels and buffers for electrophoresis:
IEF - DNA - SDS - Native -2D on normal and non-fluorescent films
EDC sells word’s best flatbed chamber: flatbed professional
consults companies and institutes in all electrophoretic tasks
All EDC products can be transported at ambient temperature!
For storage, see the information on the label

horizontal gel

...also on non fluorescent films

New developments:
EQ-type: A new gel-type was developed! For best resolution and silver staining behavior.
             Comparable to the discontinued ExCelGels and to all self-casted SDS-gels!
SoftGel: This new gel-matrix for IEF is produced in a total different way:
             soft and hydrophylic. They are now comparable to all self-casted IEF-gels!
BlotGels IEF: for all electroblot procedures: neither cutting nor inbuilt mesh needed!
DNA-Gradient Gel: 52 samples in 50 min, 40 - 1500 bp
PhastGel IEF: Cut and rehydrate your PhastGels yourself! See below!

rehydration of 8 PhastGel cut-outs

Our main application fields:


Juli 13, 2022

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