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EDC Electrophoresis

EDC developes, produces and sells horizontal gels and buffers for electrophoresis:
IEF - DNA - SDS - Native -2D on normal and non-fluorescent films
EDC sells word’s best flatbed chamber: flatbed professional
consults companies and institutes in all electrophoretic tasks
Certificated according ISO 9001: No 12 100 524900 TMS

horizontal gel

...also on non fluorescent films

New developments:
EQ-type: A new gel-type was developed! For best resolution and silver staining behavior.
             Comparable to the discontinued ExCelGels and to all self-casted SDS-gels!
SoftGel: This new gel-matrix for IEF is produced in a total different way:
             soft and hydrophylic. They are now comparable to all self-casted IEF-gels!
BlotGels IEF: for all electroblot procedures: neither cutting nor inbuilt mesh needed!
DNA-Gradient Gel: 52 samples in 50 min, 40 - 1500 bp
PhastGel IEF: Cut and rehydrate your PhastGels yourself! See below!

rehydration of 8 PhastGel cut-outs

Our main application fields:


April 22, 2022


EDC Electrophoresis Development & Consulting, Vor dem Kreuzberg 17, 72070 Tübingen (Germany)