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Oktober 18, 2021


IEFGels are Ready-To-Use gels for horizontal IEF.
These gels are polymerized on Polyester support films, washed, dried and rehydrated.
So they are not toxic anymore and give best results in the same time.
Dimensions: normal size = 250 mm x 110 mm, large size: 250 mm x 180

SoftGels: New hydrophylic matrix was developed: ‘SoftGels’: for best resolution and silver staining behavior. Comparable to all self-casted IEF-gels!
EQ-type: This new gel-type is produced in a total different way. They are now comparable to all self-casted IEF-gels!
PET support film:
Suitable for all staining techniques. Fluorescence in the red channel is possible.
Also available on:
NF support film:
For fluorescence stainings in all channels (UV, blue, green and red), e.g. DIGE, FITC etc.

All IEFGels can be run on flatbed professional, FlatTop or Multiphor. Even on EDC’s flatbed modular system.

[IEFGel normal]
[IEFGel EQ-type]
[IEFGel oligo IgG]
[IEFGel cereal]
[IEFGel bidirect]
a film supported horizontal gel, Ready-For-Use

horizontal gel - Ready-To-Use - bound to a plastic support film

flatbed professional

run on horizontal chambers

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