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Urinary Proteins

Urinary proteins are separated as SDS-mycelles to show their mol-weight. Our unique Urinary Protein Kit Gradient makes it possible to type these values exactly even on only 8,5 cm lane lengths in 80 min run time.
This enables differential diagnosis of specific kidney diseases.
Proteins are detected by an easy and quantifyable staining: Hot Coomassie!
Due to a 10 fold concentrated Sample Buffer 10X, urins are not much diluted: native urins show sufficient sensitivity.
See sample 1, 7 and 11.
Do not reduce these type of samples: IgG should be shown as complete tertiary structure (160 kD) and not as free chains (23 kD and 43 kD), see samples 3,8,9.
Coomassie is a quantifyable staining, using a densitometer bands can be determined in mg during the same procedure.

[Interpretation Urinary Proteins]

April 28, 2023

10X Sample Buffer

10X Sample Buffer

Urinary Protein Kit Gradient: 52 samples (Ó 15 Ál) in 80 min

Urinary Protein Kit SDS

Prelabeled urinary proteins on a gradient gel

Gradient Urin Prelabel

* As a kit with fluorescent prelabeling dyes: Dyeagnostics GmbH
   http://www.dyeagnostics.com/site/products/spl/, UFO-Kit


Bidirectional run: 104 samples (2 x 52) Ó 5 Ál in 80 min

Urinary Proteins: 2 x 52 samples Ó 5 Ál

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