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DryGel IEF cereal no slots, 30S, 40S 52S are 0.2 mm thin polyacrylamide gels with a special designed matrix for isoelectric focusing (IEF).
Potatoe varieties can be easily detected when the new SepaLyte 7-10 EXTENDED is used as Ampholyte
Quick running time: 120 min. Staining time with Coomassie Violet is ~1 hour.
Gels have been polymerized under special conditions to obtain an optimal matrix suitable for native and denaturing focusing (1-7 M Urea)
Manual: DryGel IEF cereal

Oktober 18, 2021




Five potatoe-varieties on DryGel IEF cereal no slots, SepaLyte pH 7-10 EXTENDED (Protec, Heidelberg)

DryGel IEF normal no slots

For many samples per gel (up to 104 samples): Bidirect IEF




DryGel Large Bidirect NoSlots

4 different potatoe varieties on DryGel IEF large bidirect no slots (2 x 54 lanes) à 15 ul

As sample application method for gels without slots we recommend:
BS146.667 Auftrageband Silikon, 27 Slots , 20 µl pro Slot (Biostep)
BS146.668 Auftrageband Silikon, 54 Slots , 10 µl pro Slot (Biostep)

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