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DryGel IEF

September 21, 2020

DryGels IEF can be rehydrated out in the user labs according to special customer designed recipes. Especially urea-containing gels could be achieved easily.

Dimensions: normal size = 250 mm x 110 mm, large size: 250 mm x 180
IEF-gels ‘cereal’ have a special recipe for quick runs.

For rehydration a DryPool Combi (normal or large) should be used.

Polyester support film:
Suitable for all staining techniques. Fluorescence in the red channel is possible.
NF support film:
For fluorescence stainings in all channels (UV, blue, green and red), e.g. DIGE, FITC etc.

All DryGels IEF can be run on flatbed professional or flatbed modular, or Multiphor II. Bidirectional IEF should be run only on EDC’s chambers.

DryGel IEF

A dry gel ....

bidirect IEF with three electrodes
[DryGel IEF normal]
[DryGel IEF cereal]
[DryGel IEF bidirect]


* normal size
* large size

bidirectional IEF

Rehydratio in the DryPool Combi

.... is rehydrated in a DryPool Combi...

rehydrated DryGel IEF

.... ready for IEF!