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For quick laboratory test ( ~20 - 30 samples, Coomassie-staining, run time 75 min) of maice varieties and hybrids we recommend our DryGel IEF cereal with Sepalytes from Protec (Heidelberg).
Routine analytic for determination of F1-Hybrids (2 x 52=104 sample slots), followed by enzyme staining is done on a
DryGel IEF bidirect normal. Available as a kit with a special Sinulyte-mix at Sinus GmbH (Heidelberg).
Up to 104 samples per gels can be run on our DryGel IEF bidirect large 80S or 104S. These gels are non-toxic!

DryGel IEF Cereal

DryGel IEF cereal -2P- or -HR-

[Maize IEF cereal]
[Maize IEF bidirect]
[Maize bidirect large]
DryGel IEF bidirect

DryGel IEF bidirect large and normal

DryGel IEF cereal 52S -HR-

Oktober 18, 2021




DryGel IEF cereal 52S

DryGel IEF large bidirect 80S (2 x 40 samples)

Maize Male Female Hybrid

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