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Oktober 18, 2021

„ElphoGels SAR“ are designed for Ready-To-Use horizontal SAR-electrophoresis of EPO-samples for anti-doping controls in blood and urine [1].
SAR-electrphoresis is a special mol-weight delivering electrophoresis using N-Laurylsarcosine sodium salt (SAR, Sarcosyl) as tensid instead of Sodiumdodecyl-sulfat (SDS) [1].
In contrary to SDS as tensid, the Sarcosyl will not complex and transport the Polyethyleneglycol (PEG) molecules and -chains.
With Sarcosyl as tensid, Mircera (Cera) shows a normal band whereas using SDS causes a broad backward striking [1].
After electrophoresis the SAR-gel is contact-blotted [2], [3] in the BEO contactblotter; Dyeagnostics
Visualization: chemoluminsescent antibody reaction, the result is scanned [4].

Alternative methods: EPOetins on DryGels IEF

[Interpretation EPOetins]
[EPOetins on IEF]

* As kit available at: Dyeagnostics GmbH


Epoetins on ElphoGel SAR Kit 10% 25S. CERA+NESP+BRP
D.Schwenke, Inst.f. Dopinganalytik, Kreischa, Germany



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