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DryGel Phast

All Phastsystem gels from Pharmacia are no longer in production and are therefore no longer available. For the IEF application, however, you can cut 8 small Phast gels from a Drygel IEF (edc-1110) and then rehydrate individually or all 8 at once in a CleanPool (edc-me-d).

1. Cutting out the 8 PhastGels

April 28, 2023


PhastGel IEF


Sewing pattern for cutting the ‘DryGel IEF no slots’ in 8 PhastGel sized pieces. Figures in mm.


Cut-out 42 x 50 mm


Transferrin isoforms
(pH 4-6.5)

by Rima Abu-Asaad, PhD
Rambam Medical Center
Haifa, 31096 Israel

2. Rehydration of the 8 PhastGels

800 µl of the rehydration mix are pipetted onto the back of the CleanPool for each PhastGel-cut and the dry cut-outs are applied bubble-free with tweezers.


For the mix recipe and the running conditions see the special AN 'Cutting PhastGels'

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