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Special Cereal Typing Kit uses cathodal nativ electrophoresis:
For determination of barley- and wheat-varieties (incl. malt, see below)
Also suitable for millet- rice- and maize-varieties
Malt-Method: A special extraction procedure is necessary for the malt-grains. Go to “Malt Method”
All sample treatments come with the manual.

Manual: Cereal typing with the Sortype Kit

[German Barley 2009]
[Standard Barley 2012]
[Standard Wheat 2002]
[Wheat Native Elec.]
[Demo Sample Prep]
[Sortype in practise]
[Malt Method]

Barley- and wheat-varieties on Sortype, the special cereal typing kit

also for millet, rice- and maize-varieties

Sortype: Barley and Wheat Sortype: Rize and Millet

QC 2/2014: Eight current Barley-varieties: optimized recipe!

Oktober 18, 2021

Optimized recipe: Barley-Reference-2012

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