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Oktober 18, 2021

Four methods are recommended:

1.   Special Cereal Typing Kit “Sortype” uses cathodal nativ electrophoresis pH 4.3:
For determination of wheat- and barley-varieties via their Prolamins (Gliadins), incl. malt, see below.
Also suitable for millet- rice- and maize-varieties
Malt-Method: A special extraction procedure is necessary for the malt-grains. Go to “Malt Method”
All sample treatments, see manual: Cereal typing with the Sortype Kit
2.   Protein Buffer Kit Cathodal and DryGel Elpho 12.5% 52S: uses native cathodal electrophoresis pH 5.5
For determination of wheat- and barley-varieties. Manual: Protein Buffer Kit Cathodic
3.  IEFGel cereal 24S EQ-type, IEFGel cereal 40S EQ-type or IEFGel 104S cereal bidirect EQ-type
Produced w
ith special SepaLytes Wheat (ProTec Heidelberg)
For determination of wheat- (and barley) -varieties
Manual: DryGel IEF cereal
4.   SDSGel 12.5% 40S EQ-type
Suitable also for determination of baking quality
ElphoGel Kit SDS

IEF in cooperation with:



wheat varieties on IEFGel cereal 40S EQ-type (pH 4-6, half gel)

Wheat IEFGel 4-6 40S EQ-type (half gel
[Wheat Native Elec.]
[Standard Wheat 2002]
[Sortype in practise]
[Malt Method]
[Demo Sample Prep]
[Wheat IEF]
[Wheat SDS]


* nativ cathodic electrophoresis
IEF - isoelectric focusing

* SDS-electrophoresis

wheat varieties on native cathodal electrophoresis (Sortype gel pH 4.3) 

Sortype: two wheat varieties

wheat varieties on native cathodal electrophoresis (Native Cathodal pH 5.5) 

Two wheat varieties: pH 5.5

wheat varieties on SDS-electrophoresis (SDSGel 12.5% 25S EQ-type),  r = reduced samples - the other samples are not reduced

5 wheat varieties, reduced and not reduced

wheat varieties on IEFGel cereal bidirect 104S EQ-type (pH 4-6). Run time 1.5 h

IEFGel bidirect 104S EQ-type

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