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Wheat Native Elec.

Several different gels are necessary to differ between hundreds of varieties.
Beside the IEF we offer two buffer systems for native cathodal electrophoresis:
Sortype (pH 4.3) and Buffer Kit Cathodal (pH 5.5)

Two wheat varieties on Sortype gel (anode is on top), pH 4.3

Sortype: wheat varieties

German wheat varieties for brewing on Sortype gel (2013, cathode is on top), pH 4.3

This picture was produced in cooporation with:
IREKS GmbH Kulmbach (Germany) by: M.Stach

Weizensorten: Orcas-Meister-Tabasco-Chevalier. IREKS

Two wheat varieties on native-cathodal gel (anode is on top), pH 5.5

wheat varieties pH 5.5

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