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Sample preparation with the Sortype-Kit

Oktober 18, 2021

The different Barley and Wheat varieties are defined via their protein patterns. These socalled Prolamines, in the case of Barley the Hordeins (Hordeum vulgare), are lipophylic membrane proteins. This is the reason why the following procedure was chosen...
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To check your separation and your standarts:   Barley   Wheat

1 The single grain is crushed...

2 ..and remains in the cup..

3 ..water is pipetted to the grain..

4 ..water soluble parts are removed..

5 ..water soluble parts are pipetted out..

6 ..extraction buffer is pipetted..

7 ..Prolamines were extracted..

8 ..Prolamines were pipetted out...

9 ..unsolubilized parts are centrifuged..

10 ..and go to a new cup, ready!

Single Grain Crush
Grain in the Cup
Water to the Grain
Water soluble parts removed
Water solubles pipetted out
Extraction Buffer pipetted
Prolamines extracted
Unsoluble portions were centrifuged
After the centrifugation
To new Cup

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