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Blotting of film-supported gels

Oktober 18, 2021

Electro-blotting (western blotting):
Normal gels have to be cut from the film support before starting the blotting process, otherwise no current will flow through the face of the gel.
Soon available: EDC’s BlotGels. Here the support film can be rolled away easily without cutting first.
BlotGel-IEF manual and Blotting of Horizontal Gels.

This method is recommended for all SDS-gels (10% - 12.5%T!)

Contact blotting
This is the easiest way of blotting! Blotting by directed diffusion.
But it will only gives you good results if the gel itself is thinner than 1 mm and below 10%T.
This method is recommend for all IEF-gels.
The efficiency of this method is not as high as with western blot methods.

See special application-note: “Blotting of Horizontal Gels”


Electro-blotting (western blotting)


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