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Fluorescence Visualization of Proteins in Horizontal Gels on Normal Gel-Support

Gels polymerized on fluorescent film-supports (Gelbond films, Polyester), should be visualized with dyes that can be excited between 473 nm (blue), 530 nm (green), 635 (red) or higher nm (infra-red).
Blue channel ( 473 nm) shows little background, the UV-channel cannot be used!

April 28, 2023

General fluorescence visualization of proteins:
EDC’s 2D-gels can be stained with Flamingo from BioRad, optimized for horizontal gels ---> general fluorescence

Fluorescence visualization of phorphorylated proteins:
Pro-Q Diamond staining from Invitrogen (Molecular Probes), optimized for horizontal gels ---> Phosphorylated Proteins

Fluorescence prelabeling of proteins:
All advantages of the fluorescence technique could be achieved if proteins are prelabeled. ---> Prelabeling
For the green, red channel and infra-red dyes the normal polyester support can be used.
The blue channel shows a little background, the UV-channel cannot be used!

[Prelabeling of Proteins]
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