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Fluorescence-Prelabeling of Proteins

Oktober 18, 2021

A special dye is now available: T-REX 310 (NH DyeAGNOSTICS GmbH).
Its exciting wavelengts is 648 nm, the emission is 663 nm.
Using this dye the visualisation procedure will not be disturbed by the normally used polyester backing film.

Tested scanning instrument: FujiFilm FLA9000 / 9500, exciting: red LD Laser (635 nm), emission: LPR Filter (665LP)

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TREX 310

T-REX 310 High Performance Fluorescence Protein Labeling Kit; Dyagnostics Product. No. PR61

This dye is not used after electrophoresis but before!
The proteins are labelled with this fluorescence dye prior to all electrophoretic procedures.
No post-electrophoretic staining and destaining necessary!
QC after the first dimension is possible! “Check of first Dimension
Data-sheets and manual see Dyeagnostics

2D-DryGel Kit 2x7/11:

2D-DryGel Kit + Refraction-2D™ G-Dye300: Gras-Leave

2D-electrophoretic result on normal film backing using T-REX 310

1D-electrophoretic result (SDS) on normal support using T-REX (red lanes)

TRex 310 1D Electrophoresis

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