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Fluorescence Visualization in Horizontal Gels on Support Film

April 28, 2023

In the case of fluorescence visualizations the mostly used exciting wavelengths are:
 254 nm  - 380 nm (UV-channel) - 473 nm (blue-channel) - 530 nm (green-channel) - 635 nm (red-channel)
Horizontal polyacrylamide gels are normally polymerized on polyester backing films.
These films lead to a different fluorescence signal from the plastic material itself, mainly in the shorter wavelengths, the bUV channel. Slightly auto-fluorescence shows the blue channel!
The green, the red and the infra-red channel have no autofluorescence! See page “Reactive Films”.

Blau 473 nm
Green 530 nm
[DNA, norm.support]
[Protein, norm.supp.]
[non-fluoresc supp.]
Red 635 nm

infra-red looks like red

Fluorescence imaging on all channels: New films (Plexiglas) have been developed called “NF” (Non Fluorescence). Compared to other gel-supports on the market these films show only low, res. no auto-fluorescence activity in all wavelengths
All fluorescence visualization techniques (Ethidiumbromide, DIGE, CY, DY, G-Dye, SYPRO-colours, LAVAPurple etc.) can be applied! Of course also T-REX.
Cooperation with Dyeagnostics (Halle, Germany)


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