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Fluorescence Visualization in Horizontal Gels
 on Non Fluorescent Gel-Support

April 28, 2023

The normally used polyester sheets show a high autofluorescence activity in the UV-channel and therefor they are not suitable for any UV-fluorescence visualization.
Non-fluorescence films have a low auto-fluorescence and so they can undergo fluorescence visualization procedure also in the UV-channel.
New dyes for the DIGE-techniques are developed: Refraction-2D™ from Dyeagnostics.
See the data-sheets and manuals on “Downloads”.
Coperation with Dyeagnostics (Halle, Germany)


Application Areas:

[Protein Fluorescence]
[DNA Fluorescence]

Scanning of film-backed gels
Film-backed gels are scanned directly on the scanner’s platen with gel-side down.
Non-fluorescent frame-bars are used to prevent curling of  plastic backed gels during scanning. Suitable of both all large and normal format gels.
3 x 2 PVC-bars: 2 x 10x25x265mm; 2 x 10x25x190mm; 2 x 10x25x100mm


3 x 2 frame-bars


the scan-frames are holding down the edges of the
film-backed gel during the scan-process

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