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flatbed modular

Our modular horizontal chamber for large and normal sized gels: up to 200 x 260 mm.
Electrophoretic work space (cooling plate + frame) = 270 x 310 mm
Suitable for all techniques, such as: proteomics - IEF - SDS - native - DNA.
This chamber can be assembled to a tower of maximal 4 units.

flatbed modular closed

flatbed modular closed

April 28, 2023

flatbed modular tower

four flatbed modular = flatbed tower

flatbed modular open

flatbed modular open

Technical Details: Order Number: edc-mod4856
Dimensions: 12.5 cm x 48 cm x 59 cm (H x B x D)
Electrophoretic work space (cooling plate + frame) = 270 x 310 mm
Delivery complete with additional pump (7,5 V), 2 x 2 m cooling tubes, 2 mm power cables
Applications: horicontal isoelectric focusing and horicontal electrophoresis on extricable drawers; up to 4 modules can be set on each other formating the „Modular Tower“. Technical details like “flatbed professional”.
Maximal Voltage: 3500 Volt
Electrodes: movable platinum-electrodes. Distances: 9 cm - 26 cm.
Cooling: aluminiumoxyde-ceramic plate (267 x 215 mm) direct cooling ; additional pump (+7,5 V power adapter)
working range: 5°C - 40°C
Data-sheet:Downloads”, or contact EDC
2.995 EUR

Tube Connecting Kit for adding three more modular units            (edc-fm-tckit)          120 EUR

flatbed - Anode (red) -                                                        (edc-anod2841)       295 EUR  
flatbed - Cathode (black) -                                                   (edc-cath2842)       295 EUR       

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