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This test runs with DryGel Elpho and the Anodal Buffer Kit and as samples tomato leaf extracts.
In order to achieve the best resolution on native gels an optimized buffer system needs to be applied. The “Protein Buffer Kit Anodic” together with the “DryGel Elpho 12.5% 52S” from EDC due to its neutral pH, produces extremely sharp bands without having a negative impact on the sample proteins.
In the following procedure we describe this buffer system being applied for the analysis of proteins from Tomato leaves. Please note that when following this method be sure to use the detergents specified as well as ensuring the sample protein concentration is within the specified limit.

Manual: Electrophoresis of Tomato Leaf Extract

Staining: Hot Coomassie

Five different Tomatoes


Oktober 18, 2021

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