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Hot Coomassie Staining 1D

Oktober 18, 2021

The gels go directly to the hot staining solution, no TCA necessary!
2D-gels: special page

solution (see hot coomassie)

0.4-0.7 mm

normal gel*

0.8-1.0 mm


fresh staining solution at 50-60 oC
(see picture, fume cupboard!)

30 min

600 ml

60 min

50-60 oC

destaining solution in a tray
(rocking platform)

overnight* + 2 x 30 min

200 ml

overnight* + 2 x 60 min


preserving solution
(in a tray)

20 min

200 ml

30 min


Air-drying: Overnight, gel should stand upright.
Abbrev.: EtOH = Ethanol, HAc = Acetic Acid, TCA = Trichloroacetic Acide
* overnight in the first destaining solution is optimal!
* large gels: double volumes


DryGel SDS 24S, hot coomassie-stained, half gel

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