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Staining Trays

April 28, 2023

Our staining trays are made out of stainless steel. This allows you to heat them on a heating stirrer.
Inside they have a grid ~1 cm above the tray bottom. Below the grid - on the tray bottom - a magnetic bar could be placed.
This combination of heat and stirring is the most efficient and the quickest Coomassie staining: ‘Hot Coomassie Staining’.
All our staining trays are equiped with a grid and a lid.


all staining trays from EDC have a “Grid” that holds the gel (gel face down) over the magnetic stirrer bar. See right picture.

The assembling of the Hot Coomassie Staining in a steel tray: The staining tray is placed on a magnetic heater. The gel lays gel-face down on the grid. Below the grid stirs the magnetic bar

Two different tray-sizes for the two main gel-sizes are available:
normal (up to: 250 x 125 mm) and large (up to:255 x 195 mm)

StainingTray Normal size

staining tray normal size
gels up to 250 x 125 mm

StainingTray large size

staining tray large size
gels up to 255 x 195 mm

for the large sized gels we also offer a multi6 stainer
For staining up to six gel simultaneously

Staining Tray Multi6

staining tray multi6 - (large size)
up to six gels up to 255 x 195 mm




price (EUR)

staining tray standard size


for 1 gel up to:
260 x 125 mm

on request

staining tray large size


for 1 gel up to:
270 x 220 mm

on request

staining tray large multi6


for 6 gels up to:
270 x 220 mm

on request

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