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Oktober 18, 2021

Because in the slot there is no restriction of a matrix the SDS-protein mycelles migrate very quickly and will be pressed to the anodal slot edge in a very high concentration.
Some samples will then plug the slot even for the buffer-ions carrying the current.
a) Very big proteins (> 2.000.000 Dalton, f.e. IGM)
b) Proteins that will polymerize when the concentration gets very high
(Collagen, Fibrinogen, Casein)
c) Tenside-mix, f.e. CHAPS and SDS
1. Reduce concentration of the samples (1/3 - 1/10), silver-stain.
2. Very slow start: first phase: 1/3 Volt and 3 x more minutes
                          See EDC’s SDS-Manuals: ElphoGel Kit SDS, DryGelKit SDS

3. Try also vertical electrophoresis.

anodal slot-edges are burning...

dekantation burn

heavy precipitatian
at the slot-edge

dekantation precipitation

very slow start


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