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Fluorescence on NF-films: proteins pre-labeling: DIGE

Oktober 18, 2021

2D-gels are normally scanned within their cassettes. This leads to a loss of sensitivity: “reactive films”.
Special SDS-gels, 2D-DryGels, are polymerized on non-fluorescenting support-films and can easily be scanned directly lying on the scanner’s glass-plate:
Increasing of intensity will be achieved by factor 1.3 - 1.5!

Another method of increasing sensitivity is the use of new dye-technologie
Refraction-2D™ from Dyeagnostics. Data-sheets and manual see “Downloads

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DIGE-samples run on a special 2D-DryGel 1 x 18/24 NF. Hardware: flatbed modular - GE Typhoon Scanner


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