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Maize IEF bidirect

DryGel IEF bidirect for 104 samples (2 x 52) per gel. For determination of hybrids.
Produced by EDC. Available as a kit from Sinus Biochem and ProTec Bioseparation.
If many samples should be tested in a minimum of time, there is a new method:
Bidirectional Isoelectric Focusing, followed by enzyme staining. See below.
Multi-channel Pipette compatible. These gels are non-toxic!

Info: Genetic purity testing of F1 hybrid maize ...

Oktober 18, 2021



104 samples (2 x 52)* run on a bidirect IEF-gel. Determination of Hybrids.
Pattern of Malatdehydrogenase (MDH) isoenzyms of maize after Isoelectric focussing and MDH-staining
Copyright: Sinus GmbH Heidelberg





Sinus Maize Kit



For customer designed pH-mixes: DryGel bidirect normal


*12 channel pipette compatible

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