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IEFGel 6-11

Special gel for diagnosis of Oligo-IgG in CSF and Serum.
See this special method.
Different slot geometries available 24S, 40S, 80S. See below
General silver-staining - Immuno-Fluorescence

April 28, 2023

Results of our IEFGel 6-11 24S, silver stained, original size (half gel): 125 mm x 125 mm. By E. Dubois (Tübingen)

Results of our IEFGel 6-11 24S, immuno stained after contact blot. By E. Dubois (Tübingen)

general silver: IEFGel 6-11 24S IEF_2021_032_ImmunoblotAS

Immuno-Fluorescence (T-REX conjugated antibody) results of IEFGel 6-11 40S, original size: 125 mm x 250 mm

Immunofluorescence: IEFGel 6-11 40S

Tested fluorescence-scanner: FujiFilm FLA9000, exciting: red LD Laser (635 nm), emission: LPR Filter (665LP)

Results of our IEFGel 6-11 2 x 40S, original size: 160 mm x 245 mm, 80 samples on one gel (bidirect run)!


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