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Basic Proteins

April 28, 2023

The molecule SDS is an anionic tenside and should dock to the proteins with its lipophylic tail.
Basic proteins are charged positively and though the SDS-molecule dock with its negative head - the sulfate group - to the proteins.
This will not enhance the negative charges of this mycelles which leads to a bad behavior in SDS-electrophoresis.

Remedy is to change to a TRIS-based buffer-system (ElphoGels) or, the best:

Run a native cathodic electrophoresis (native cathoda buffer kit, DryGel Elpho)
Please note that basic proteins will like this applied acidic buffer system....

Samples with SDS, followed by
silver-staining (Collagen-hydrolystes)


basic proteins don’t like SDS...




Same samples with cathodal acidic buffer


 3 kD

11 kD

5-7 kD

Collagen-hydrolysates: nice separation



Drawback is that in native electrophoresis proteins run more according to their charges than to their molweight!

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