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Interpretation of Results: Oligo-IgG

Oktober 18, 2021

(according to the German Neurological Society http://www.dgln.de)
General: The bands in the IgG-region produced by the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and the bands expressed in the serum (S) from the same patient are compared to each other.
Please consider that some proteins are specific for the CSF (Cystatin C , ß-Trace and Transferrin).
When IgG-selective stainings are applied Albumin, Transferrin and Cystatin will be not visible!
Hemolysate in the IEF-lanes? ---> Oligo-IgG Troubles. Examples: Oligo-IgG Interpretation Examples

Interpretation Scheme

Diagram by T.O.Kleine, Marburg, Germany

Scheme of Clinical Findings:
type I:  CSF and serum show no or only 1 additional bands: Negative, no intrathekal synth.
type II:  CSF shows 2-3 or more (IgG-spec.stain, general stain: 4 or more) supplementary oligoclonal bands (not belonging to the basic pattern): Positive, intrathekal synthesis.
type III:  CSF shows 2-3 or more (IgG-spec.stain, general stain: 4 or more) supplementary oligoclonal bands in addition to identical bands in both lanes: Positive, intrathekal syn.
type IV: Identical bands (not belonging to the basic pattern) in serum and CSV: Negative, no identical synthesis, systemic desease.
type V:  CSF and serum show significant bands. Systemic desease, para-proteins. Negativ, no intrathekal synthesis.
type VI:  Serum shows supplementary oligoclonal bands. Negative, no intrathekal synthesis.

See also (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Liquordiagnostik):
http://www.uke.uni-hamburg.de/extern/dgln/interpret_oligo.htm (interpretation)
http://www.uke.uni-hamburg.de/extern/dgln/instand.htm (inter laboratory test)

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