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IEF-native, 2 x 52 preformed sample wells (à 5 ul), normal size; multi-pipette compatible
Manual: DryGel IEF bidirect, staining: ammoniacal silver staining
Run-time: 80 min

DryGel IEF bidirect 104S (2 x 52S), run with liquores and sera, sample volume 10 ul

DryGel IEF bidirect normal size 104S
bidirect 104S

September 21, 2020

IEF-denaturating, 2 x 52 sample wells (à 10 ul,) large size; multi-pipette compatible.
Manual: DryGel IEF bidirect, staining (urea-containing IEF-gels): Blakesley / Roti-Blue
Run-time: 90 min







DryGel IEF bidirect 104S (2 x 52S), run with maize: hybrid-male-female

maize; bidirect normal size




12 channel pipette compatible