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EPOetins on IEF

April 28, 2023

Conventionally used technique for differtiation between natural EPO and pharmaceutical EPOetins is the isoelectric focusing (IEF).

EPO-IEF DryGel Kit is offered for rehydration with Urea:
1.   For routine analysis: with 40 sample slots
2.   For quality control: with 24 sample slots

pH-range is pH 2.0 - pH 6.0; 4 x Urea is already weighted in 50 ml Falcons and the Sepalyte epo is measured in 15 ml Falcons.



EPO-IEF DryGel Kit 40S


routine analysis

4 x DryGels 40S
4 x Urea, 4 x SepaLyte epo

 285 EUR

EPO-IEF DryGel Kit 24S


quality control

4 x DryGels 24S
4 x Urea, 4 x SepaLyte epo

285 EUR

Manual: EPOetins with the EPO-IEF DryGel Kit

pH 6


pH 2

Additional needed: for freshly rehydration of the dry gels with the urea-containing solution
DryPool Combi:

DryPool Combi - front side

DryPool Combi, front side: gel-rehydration

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