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Single-Step-staining with Azurgel Super
Quick Staining without Destaining

Oktober 18, 2021

Recommended quick stain for 15% SDS-Gels and native gels 
A staining method is on the market that stains only the proteins, res. the SDS-protein mycelles inside of an electrophoresis gel. This is achieved by the use of a lipophylic staining molecule, Coomassie G 250, in a very acidic hydrophylic surrounding. Because of the hydrophobic interaction only the protein molecule is stained, not the gel.
Using standard Coomassie-staining protocols, the 15% gels are as easy to stain as 10% gels, but the destaining procedure takes longer time (overnight). So a method that stains only the proteins, but not the gel becomes a good tool for everyone.
AzurGel Super is available as a Ready-To-Use staining solution delivered together with a manual

Azur Blue - R 350

 Sortex-gels stained with R-350 (left side) and with AzurGel Super (right side)
Also recommended for: SDSGels 15%

Staining Solution: AzurGel Super, 1L  anamed GF 10003
Anamed Elektrophorese GmbH, Ottoweg 10, D-64291 Darmstadt, Tel.: +49 (6151) 95177-45

Staining Procedure:
1. Wash the horizontal gels for 5 minutes in dist.water to remove
     SDS and buffer.
2.  Stain the gel in the AzurGel Super solution for 20 minutes
3.  Wash the stained gel in dist.water for 5 minutes then add 3 % NaCl and wash for
     another 5 minutes (this destaining step is normally not necessary!).
4.  Before air-drying overnight incubate the destained gel in 10% Glycerol for 20 minutes

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