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Acidic Peptides

Acidic peptides could be easily separated in IEF, native and in SDS-electrophoresis.



E.coli in native electrophoresis


Native electrophoresis displays better at the anodal end.
Migration speed is not relative to the mol-weight!

E.coli in SDS-electrophoresis


Peptides not only at the anodal end!





Glyco-peptides (milk) in anodal native electrophoresis


Gel 15%T, native buffer pH 7.4.
Ingolf Krause (Weihenstephan, Germany)

Oktober 18, 2021

Two dimensional electrophoresis beside the classical 2D:  double native 2D
First dimension = IPG-IEF pH 4-7, 11 cm
Second dimension = anodal native electrophoresis native buffer




pH 4

-----IPG-strip 4-7-----

pH 7


Double Native electrophoresis of 1 mg E.coli.
First dimension: IPG-strip pH 4-7, 11 cm
Second dimension: 12.5%R, native anodal buffer pH 7.4
Visualization: Hot Coomassie

migration speed is not relative to the molweight


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