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Stains All Method

Direct staining of DNA-fragments after electrophoresis can be useful if the results should be defined quantitatively.
No UV-table and special camera is needed, a normal scanner will do the job.
The quantification runs via a dilution series of a special quantitative marker

Dilution of the Marker
The marker “QS200” from GenSura, available from Carl Roth (#L508) is diluted 10 + 90, this gives 60 ng in 6 ul. Further dilution should be made down to 1 ng in 6 ul

The Dye
Stains All is available from Sigma. The order number is # E9379-1G

April 28, 2023

The Sensitivity (per band)
Double strands in native gels: 5 - 10 ng.  Single strands in denatured gels: 10 - 20 ng

The Method



Time (10% gel)

Time (15%, HyRes)


H2O Bidest

10 min

15 min


16 mg Stains All, 100 ml N-Methylpyrrolidon, 100 ml H2O. Final volume: 200 ml

1-2x 15 min*

1-2x 30 min*

Destaining / Preserving

10%Ethanol, 10 % Glycerin

20 min

20 min

Light-Destaining / Scan

Destain in normal room-light for 1.5 h. Scan in transmission mode, adjust contrast.
Air-dry the gel over-night.

1.5 h

1.5 h

The Result, run native


*Sometimes double staining is necessary

The Result, run denatured

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