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Trouble Shooting Silver Stain (general)


Oktober 18, 2021

1.  Popping up of the gels during automated staining process:

Silver staining is mostly done in the Autostainer from GE.
From time to time (12.5%T gels more than 10%T gels) gels will popp up during staining: certain aereas of the gel will then not be in contract of the different solution and will not stain properly.


Use the magnetic bars supplied with the automat.
These bars will hold the gels at the bottom of the staining tray.

Gel has floating up during the silvering solution.
No magnetic bars were used!

Silver-TS: floating up

GE’s Autostainer

2.  Gel-film is producing a yellow / brown background:

Remedy: The use of Benzenesulfonic Acid (DNA-silver staining recipes) is recommended also for protein-separations.
The recipe: EDC-SDS Silver Staining. Please see also DNA-Silver Trouble

Optimization of the new conditioner and the silvering solution using increasing amounts of Benzenesulfonic Acid

New SDS Silver Stain

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