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Second Dimension

horizontal 2D
horizontal 2D

Oktober 18, 2021

DryGel-2D normal size

2 x E.coli (IPG 4-7), run on gel 12.5%T.  Stained with “Hot Coomassie Staining”

Not in every buffer system works an optimal combination of equilibration buffer and gel buffer. This leads to uncomplete SDS-complexing and to hesitant forwarding of the SDS-protein mycelles into the second dimension.
This effect is called “backward streaking”.
See the 2D-trouble-shooting “backward striking”

Second dimensions run on film-supported gels show often a forward streaking.
If the fil used includes an Agarose-layer then parts of the SDS-protein mycelle is running quicker in this layer than in the PAG above.
See the 2D-trouble shooting “forward striking”

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