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Sample too high concentrated

Oktober 18, 2021

Like every other separation system, electrophoresis has its optimal working concentration.
If the sample concentration is too high, then the gel-buffer cannot hold the pH-value anymore. This gel is shortly before burning!

Sample too high concentrated

Protein concentrations:
Not more than 1 ug/ ul when Coomassie stained!
Dilute 1:50 when silver staining follows the SDS-electrophoresis

As a sufficient pre-test the protein test-stick “Albym-Test” (Boehringer) can be used; available in every pharmacy (for urinary proteins).

Protein Test Stick

Protein Concentration

Stick Colour




no dilution

0.3 g/l


no dilution

1.0 g/l


10ul + 30ul

5.0 g/l


10ul + 90ul

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