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DryGel IEF no slots

DryGels-IEF are washed and dried PAG-gels. No slots!
After rehydration they have a thickness of 0,5 mm

As sample application method for gels without slots we recommend:
Auftrageband Silikon, 27 Slots , 20 µl pro Slot (Biostep) #BS146.667
Auftrageband Silikon, 54 Slots , 10 µl pro Slot (Biostep) #BS146.668

Oktober 18, 2021

sample application strips

Sample application strips: 27S (above), 54S

Native example: 4,8% SepaLyte 7-10 EXTENDED (Protec, Heidelberg), potatoe-samples

SepaLyte is a trademark of (ProTec)

potatoe varieties

Denaturing example: 2,5% Sepalytes pH 2-4, 8 M Urea, maize-samples

pH 2-4, Maice

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