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Direct Blot Dye-Staining

Staining of blotting-films should be done in special procedures and dyes

Oktober 18, 2021

Staining of the blot membranes

Fast Green staining
Dissolve 0.1% (w/v) of Fast Green in 1% acetic acid;
Stain for 5 min;
destain the background with distilled water for 5 min;
complete destaining of the bands is achieved by incubating the film for 5 min in 0.2 mol/L NaOH


PVDF-membrane - Fast Green stain

Ponceau S Staining
Dissolve 0.1%(w/v) Ponceau S in 1 %(v/v) acetic acid;
Stain for 5 min;
Destain two times for 5 minutes with 5 % acetic acid.


Nitrocellulose - Ponceau stain

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