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Blue / black curtain after staining

Oktober 18, 2021

Pharmalytes are part of the IPG-rehydration recipe of most suppliers.
These molecules too big for getting washed out in the 2 eqilibration steps after the first dimension. During the second dimension they produce unsoluble SDS-complexes.
Unfortunable they get stained with Coomassie and silver if not performing the additional washing steps or starting directly with TCA* (silver staining)
*TCA = Trichloroacetic Acid

Pharmalytes-SDS-complexes after visualization with Coomassie


Pharmalytes in the first dimension - Hot Coomassie Staining
without the additional washing steps

Hot Coomassie + additional washing steps

Pharmalytes in the first dimension - Hot Coomassie Staining
 + the additional washing steps

Silver staining starting with TCÄA

Pharmalytes-SDS-complexes after visualization with silver starting with TCA

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