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Visualization: Immuno-Staining

Mai 30, 2018

After the IEF first a simple contact-blotting is done.
A Nitrocellulose membrane 0.45 um is pressed on the gel's surface (with some papers behind) for 45 min.
Then the Immuno-Staining with an Anti-human IgG Antibody (HRP-conjugated, DAKO P0449) is performed on the membrane.

Advantage: A well introduced technique, IGG-selective staining, no additional hardware.
Disadvantage: A additional technique (the blotting) has to be perfromed

membrane on the gel

Laying-on the blot-membrane


The contact-blot

pH 6-11
Immuno Stain on membrane

Gel: IEFGel pH 6-11
Visualization: Immuno-staining after contact-blotting
(Courtesy of .A.W. Teelken UMCG, Neurologic Klinic, Groningen)