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EDC's horizontal chambers: ...30 years of experience!

Mai 30, 2018

Since 20 years EDC is cooperating with the producer of these horizontal chambers and though we can assure highest performance and reliability.
All chambers have a perfect “
direct cooling
: the cooling medium meanders directly under the ceramic cooling plate: perfect separation - no smiling  - no burning!
Outstanding and easy to use electrode construction.

[flatbed professional]
[flatbed modular]
[Additional Hardware]
flatbed professional as IEF

flatbed professional as isoelectric focusing chamber

flatbed professional as SDS

flatbed professional as electrophoresis chamber

flatbed modular closed

flatbed modular closed

flatbed modular open

flatbed modular open

flatbed modular tower

.... flatbed modular ...as a 4 draw-tower



gel dimensions

price (EUR)

flatbed professional


IEF: for 1-5 gels, together up to:
270 x 220 mm and:
Elpho: 260 x 190 mm + electrodes
2 gels 260 x 70 (bidirect + electr.)


flatbed modular


SDS: for 1 gel up to:
270 x 220 mm + electrodes


flatbed - Anode (red), 15 mm wide                       (edc-anod2841)                         295 EUR  
flatbed - Cathode (black), 15 mm wide                  (edc-cath2842)                         295 EUR  
flatbed electrode, 8 mm wide (for cereal IEF)         (edc-elec2843)                          295 EUR