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Blotting of film-supported gels

Mai 30, 2018

Electro-blotting (western blotting):
The gel have to be cut from the film support before starting the blotting process, otherwise no current will flow through the face of the gel.
This method is recommended for all film-supported SDS-gels (12.5%T!) incl. large-sized proteomics-gels.

Contact blotting
This is the easiest way of blotting! Blotting by directed diffusion.
But it will only gives you good results if the gel itself is thinner than 1 mm and below 10%T.
This method is recommend for all IEF-gels.
The efficiency of this method is not as high as with western blot methods.

See special application-note: “Blotting of Horizontal Gels”


Electro-blotting (western blotting)